No one enjoys driving down the interstate filled with potholes so why leave your parking lot this way? Fixing the potholes in your lot should be a top priority this spring and here’s why – 

Safety –
Ensuring your customers’ well-being is most likely on the top of your company’s goals. Potholes warrant risk to that. Leaving potholes in your lot subjects your customers to injuring themselves as well as their vehicles. Your customers could fall and hurt themselves on the uneven asphalt or even harm another customer while swerving to avoid the hole.

Money –
By having your potholes filled you are reducing the risk of injury meaning you save money. Injuries and vehicle damage can rack up a lot of unnecessary lawsuits that could have been avoided by taking precautionary measures as soon as a pothole appears.

Appearance –
Property appearance is crucial to a thriving business. Having an even lot may not sound like a high priority, but over time if gone untreated the potholes will continue to grow and wreak havoc on your lot. Not only is this dangerous as previously stated but it’s quite the eye-sore. Customers will eventually avoid your lot altogether.

By getting an early start and fixing the potholes in your lot customers are more likely to visit your property as well as return.

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